Sunday, August 9, 2009

I have my sewing room back!

My exchange student left yesterday morning and what was the very first thing I did after dropping her off? Drive right over to the fabric store! My guest room is also my sewing/craft room so while she was here I didn't create anything! This first thing I decided to make was a decorative pennant flag banner for my classroom. I used red, white, and blue fabrics (I am an American history teacher after all) and some double fold white bias tape as ribbon. I had seen these types of banners on some other sites and I decided I could definitely make one for myself. It took me about two hours this morning and now it is complete!
The only step I might do next is add letters in white felt to spell out "WELCOME", which will be a nice addition to my classroom decor! I am definitely going to make more of these banners in different colors and themes (holiday, baby/kids rooms, HAPPY BIRTHDAY) and try to sell some at craft fairs this fall.

The Best Blueberry Jam EVER!

Yes folks, the time has come for blueberry season which means homemade BLUEBERRY JAM! I made jam for the very first time last summer and gave it away to friends and family. I was told that it was the best they had ever had; not to bad for a recipe I found online after entering "easy blueberry jam recipe" in the search bar. Come to find out, canning and jarring food is quite the process. Since I don't have all the equipment (or patience) to give my jarred jam a boiling bath, I just recommend it be eaten within one month and kept refrigerated after opening. Several recipients of this jam last year have reported this wasn't a problem and that they did, in fact, eat the entire jar in one day (you know who you are!).

This year I decided to add little labels to the tops of the jars (some of the jars sold out there are a little to "countrified" for me) just for a nice decorative touch. I just used scrapbook paper and then glued them to the tops:
I think the jars are now as pretty as the jam is delicious!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer Fun

I am hosting an exchange student for 3 weeks this summer and I've compiled a list of fun activities with is on my other blog so check it out HERE!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Break Begins

I've been on vacation for one official week now and I've been very busy making lots of crafts! It is nice having some free time to pursue my craftiness!

First Project= Bibs
I have two friends having babies so I decided to make a plethora of baby items, the first being bibs in funky fabrics lined with soft flannel. I have discovered that it is very difficult to find fun fabrics that are gender neutral! My friend and co-worker Christina is having a baby in September but she doesn't know what she is having so I had to search both Jo-Ann's and WalMart for fabric! Her husband is a police officer so I decided to use a novelty print with flags, badges, etc. on it (the bib on the left) and I think it will be cute on a little one!

Second Project= Nursing Wrap aka "Hooter Hider"

I also made Christina a nursing wrap because I have a few friends who have these and they seem to be really handy. I knew that I could easily make one as long as I found a tutorial. What makes this type of wrap great is that it has boning on the top so mom can look down and easily see baby underneath the cover. It secures around the neck with d-rings and also has a corner of soft flannel sewn into it to wipe baby's mouth after feeding. Here it is:

Third Project= Felt Shoes
I found a pattern on Martha for felt baby booties and then tweaked it a little to suit my own needs. They make really easy, really cute gifts for baby!

Fourth Project= Appliqued Onesies

As another really easy yet adorable gift for baby, toddler, or even adult for that matter, I created various templates shaped like animals, cupcakes, letters, etc. out of card stock. Then I ironed some Thermo Web to the back of a scrap of fabric, traced the template, then cut the shape out. Next, I ironed the shape onto the onesie and finally I used a zig-zag stitch on the machine to finish it off. I am going to sell a batch of these onesies at an upcoming craft fair. I think they are adorable!(T-shirt for soon-to-be big brother Joshua!)

Fifth Project= Funky Camera Strap

A while back I ordered a cool camera strap from I love it but once I got it I realized that I could totally figure out how to make one myself. My friend Katie B. helped design my new logo for House 8 Photography so as a thank you to her I covered her camera strap. It isn't perfect but I think it looks really good for my first try!

Friday, June 12, 2009


It has been a while since my last post but these last few months of school are always very busy! Two updates for now:

With the help of my technologically gifted mother, I have a new photography website along with a new name and logo (shout out to Bernier for help with the logo). Check out House8Photography and tell your friends!

I have also started a new blog called HerStory about History that will be about historical and current events. It is more geared toward my students but anyone who wants to learn a little or just likes history can check it out! I'll post again soon with some new craft projects I promise!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Before & After

No craft projects to show or at least none that are finished so I thought I would share some before and after pictures from the renovations of my condo over the last year or so. Here they are:

The Kitchen BEFORE & AFTER:
 The countertops stayed but I painted the cabinets white to lighten things up a bit, added new stainless 'look' appliances, added a floating island, and painted the walls a fresh green.

The living room:
In addition to pulling up the dirty carpet and replacing with laminate flooring, I painted all the trim white, replaced the windows, and gave the walls a fresh coat of paint.

Totally outdated bathroom BEFORE & AFTER:
The bathroom was pretty much gutted...everything was replaced with new fixtures.  The walls were painted a light gray/blue and the floor got budget-friendly press and stick tile!

My bedroom BEFORE (notice the awesome orange shag)
 Bedroom AFTER (new floors, paint, trim, etc.)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring Break

It is time for me to bid adieu to April vacation! I feel as though I have spent most of it in the car driving here and there to appointments, visits with friends, and errands that just can't seem to get done any other time! But, here are a few pictures from vacation:

Bradbury friend Amanda and I went hiking at Bradbury State Park which is only about 30 minutes away from my house. The weather on Friday was perfect for outdoor activities.
Craft Project Time!!
I did manage to accomplish one craft project this break which was a duvet cover. My bedroom is pretty neutral so I wanted to add something with a little color, especially moving into spring and summer. It was a really easy project...I bought 5 yards of striped fabric for the top and then used a flat sheet that I already had for the bottom. The total project only cost $2o!
Photography Makeover
I have decided to give my photography business a tune-up. I am changing the name, designing a new website, and hopefully learning more about the technical side of things this summer by taking some classes. I also think I would like to gear the business more toward senior portraits, since they are about 90% of my business as it is. The new name of the business is House Eight Photography and I will be sure to post when the new website it up and running. In the meantime, here is a link to an iMovie I made featuring senior pics!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


For various reasons, I have decided to try and sell my condo. I've spent the last year and some odd months taking it from "drab" to "fab"! I may be able to embed the video I made of the condo in a later post, but for now, you can see it on YouTube. Please pass this information along to anyone you know you may be interested in it! I am going to try and sell it myself (with the help of my mom) and see what happens before enlisting the help of a realtor! I put my iMovie skills to good use this weekend...Check it out!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blueberries, Pineapples, and FDR

What could these three topics possibly have in common? Well, they all involve what I did on this lazy Sunday!

I was craving blueberry muffins this morning but didn't have a mix so I decided to pull a Sweet Cheeks move and make them from scratch! I even had some frozen blueberries left over from my jam making last summer.I googled "easy blueberry muffins" to find a recipe that would include all of the ingredients I had. Well, I'd have to say that although the muffins were cute as can be, they were less than desirable in the taste department! Oh well...they were supposedly low-fat! I'll bring them to school tomorrow and feed my homeroom or my fellow teachers!

Task #2 was slicing and dicing this nice all my 28 years I've never cut up a fresh pineapple but I saw them in the grocery store yesterday and just couldn't resist!

After my culinary endeavors were through, I worked on a lesson covering Hoover and FDR's responses to the Great Depression and that's when I came across this:

I like to inject a little bit of humor into every lesson so I put it in my slide show for tomorrow's lesson...keeps those kids on their toes! What's also funny about this is that for the past week or so, a little spider has taken up residence in my bathroom. Normally I'm not a huge fan of spiders but I kind of like having the company! As long as she (yes, she, thanks to Charlotte's web) stays in the bathroom and out of my sheets, then we can live a relatively happy co-existence!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Maine Maple Sunday

It has been a few weeks since my last post so I thought it was time to give my readers (all hmm...lets say 10 of them?) what they want- a new post! I haven't been doing too many crafts lately due to time and budget constraints so here is a post about something fun (sort of) that I participated in this weekend- Maine Maple Sunday!

My friend Amanda drove out from SoPo and we headed to Cooper's Farm for what I hoped would be a relaxing morning eating pancakes with maple syrup. I went with my parents about 3 years ago and it was really lines, no waiting! Well I guess that cat is out of the bag because there were so many people there that we waited in line for a good 20+ minutes just for the pancakes! But mmmmm was that maple syrup delicious...After breakfast we hiked up through the mud to see some animals but the barn was closed! Here is Amanda on the hike back down...I'd say the best part (other than eating the pancakes and then having vanilla ice cream with maple syrup on it) was having fun walking through the mud with my trusty 'ole Bean boots!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

February Vacation

Today is the last day of vacation (boo!) but I am looking forward to going back to school, which is always a sign to me that, for the most part, I like my job! I don't have that much to show for this break but here is a recap:

Bowling: For my cousin Nathan's 8th birthday he got to choose an activity for us to do and he chose bowling! Little did I know, they now have automatic bumpers that come out and in depending on what player is up! Can you believe it? Apparently it's been a while since I last bowled at Yankee Lanes!
Crafts: I didn't do too much sewing this vacation but I did make a dog, I don't have a dog nor am I the type of person who would dress a dog up like a human just for fun, however these dog coats are more practical as they are made out of fleece and can keep little dogs warm. Here is my first jacket on my aunt's dog Sophie (and on my chair before I had access to a dog):
It's a little big on Sophie but I think she looks cute nonetheless! Place your orders today! :-)

Digital Fun: I ordered a new printer/scanner/copier from QVC (three easy monthly payments!) because my old one was a piece of junk. I got right down to playing with the scanner and I uploaded many old pictures into iPhoto. As part of a family history project I am having my students complete, I decided that I would also complete the project which includes an interview with a family member. I interviewed my grandmother, Joyce Rush, and am now using both the interview and the old pictures of her that I was able to scan to create a Mix Book which is both an online digital scrap booking site and a way for you to have what your create made into an actual book. I am also going to try this site out with my students so they can create a book as a class, or individuals, on various research topics.

Here is one of my FAVORITE pictures of Grammy Joyce when she was about 15 years old (I was able to scan it) and I plan on using it as the cover of my Mix Book:
I was also able to turn an ordinary post card (I bought it in Nice, France a few summers ago for about one dollar) into a piece of art to fill one of the many empty frames on the walls of my home by scanning the postcard, using iPhoto to resize it, and then printing it out on photo paper. Check it out:

I just found the BEST website that allows you to play free workout videos online! They have lots of types of workouts that vary in who doesn't like variety and free when it comes to exercise or pretty much anything in life?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Easy Bookmark Craft

With lots of ribbon scraps leftover from various craft projects, I thought of a really simple way to make bookmarks. All you need for the project is some ribbon, Heat 'n Bond, and thread.

Step 1: Cut the ribbon to your desired length and then follow the directions on the back of the Heat 'n Bond package. You can either use two pieces of ribbon to make a bookmark with two designs or just use one piece and fold it over.

Step 2: Once the Heat 'n Bond is on one side, fold over the ends on both pieces of ribbon, put them together, and then iron.

Step 3: Now that the ribbons are stuck together, stitch both ends together. The Heat 'n Bond makes the ribbon a little more sturdy than it would be on its own, which is what makes it a great book mark!

Here I have used one long piece of ribbon, folded it in half, stuck it together with the Heat 'n Bond, stitched the end, and then used sheering scissors to make a decorative edge.

They make really easy gifts! I think I will probably make a few and give them out to students as rewards at the end of the year.

75 Valentines!

To celebrate both Valentines Day and the start of February vacation, I decided to bake mini-cupcakes for my students! Vanilla cake, vanilla frosting, and cute conversation hearts!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


This weekend was full of food, presents, and "ooooing" & "aawwwing"! Saturday I went to a baby shower for my friend Beth (we met freshman year in college) and here she is opening the outfit I made for her soon-to-be-born little girl Christiana. She is a pretty adorable prego lady!

Here is Bonnie with her baby Ethan and Joshua, my friend Tanya's son, taking a break from all the baby shower festivities!

This afternoon I went to a lovely bridal shower for my friend Leah. We've been friends since high school but we were also in the same 5th grade class together. Here she is holding up the new and improved apron that I made for her after the first one had a little accident (see previous post)!! I think she'll look absolutely adorable wearing this while she does some baking for her new hubby! Well, for that matter, I'm sure Paul will look great in it too when he cooks for Leah!

Katie came and brought her baby Drew. Have I mentioned that I am in LOVE with this baby? He is so adorable! Please take note of the cute sweater he is wearing...yup, I made this! I started it last December when Katie announced she was pregnant and had it finished in June, just in time for her shower. She didn't know what the sex of the baby was in advance so I tried to pick something that was gender neutral but not the same old yellow or green. I think Drew looks GREAT in it too! Don't we make a cute couple?

Katie, Drew, Leah, K-A and Angela enjoying the shower!