Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Glory of Goodwill!

As I was putting fruit in my "fruit bowl" this morning, I starting thinking about all of the items I've picked up at the local Goodwill Industries store over the years and I've found some pretty cool stuff!

Exhibit A- Coffee Table:
I purchased this coffee table a few summers ago for $4.99. It was a pretty ugly brown color with chipping paint and of course, lots and lots of dust and spider webs! But, I saw straight through the exterior to the heart of the piece (ahhh, how "after-school-special" of me!) and with a few coats of paint, Viola!

Exhibits B, C, and D- Glassware:

Here is the previously mentioned "fruit bowl"...I'm not sure what it is really suppose to be used for, but I decided fruit would look nice! Each of these glass pieces I picked up on separate occasions. I don't remember the exact price, but I'm sure none were over $1.99! The one on the left I decided to use as a plant holder and the one on the right I use for flowers or even utensils for a buffet. Overall, I just think they are PRETTY which is why I forked over a $1 to take them home!

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