Sunday, January 25, 2009

Stretching My Sewing Skills

I spent much of this weekend sewing...I decided to make an apron as a gift for someone (and I hope that someone does not read this blog before she gets it!) which proved to be more difficult that it looked in the picture on the pattern. But, 5 phone calls and one Skype session with my mother later, it is done and here it is:
And yes, that is me modeling the apron wearing exercise pants and a turtle neck (who doesn't work out in a turtleneck?) It isn't perfect, but I don't think it is too bad for my first time attempting this project. I learned how to use double-fold bias tape, how to create a gather, and I certainly did give that seam-ripper a good work out with my mistakes along the way! I always think some of the best gifts are those that are hand-made, even if they don't look perfect!


  1. very nice Kelly-Anne, you are good!

  2. Love this! And what great fabric!

  3. Thanks! But there was a painter in here from the condo management company and he got white paint on the front of the apron! Can you believe it??