Sunday, February 15, 2009

Easy Bookmark Craft

With lots of ribbon scraps leftover from various craft projects, I thought of a really simple way to make bookmarks. All you need for the project is some ribbon, Heat 'n Bond, and thread.

Step 1: Cut the ribbon to your desired length and then follow the directions on the back of the Heat 'n Bond package. You can either use two pieces of ribbon to make a bookmark with two designs or just use one piece and fold it over.

Step 2: Once the Heat 'n Bond is on one side, fold over the ends on both pieces of ribbon, put them together, and then iron.

Step 3: Now that the ribbons are stuck together, stitch both ends together. The Heat 'n Bond makes the ribbon a little more sturdy than it would be on its own, which is what makes it a great book mark!

Here I have used one long piece of ribbon, folded it in half, stuck it together with the Heat 'n Bond, stitched the end, and then used sheering scissors to make a decorative edge.

They make really easy gifts! I think I will probably make a few and give them out to students as rewards at the end of the year.

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