Sunday, February 22, 2009

February Vacation

Today is the last day of vacation (boo!) but I am looking forward to going back to school, which is always a sign to me that, for the most part, I like my job! I don't have that much to show for this break but here is a recap:

Bowling: For my cousin Nathan's 8th birthday he got to choose an activity for us to do and he chose bowling! Little did I know, they now have automatic bumpers that come out and in depending on what player is up! Can you believe it? Apparently it's been a while since I last bowled at Yankee Lanes!
Crafts: I didn't do too much sewing this vacation but I did make a dog, I don't have a dog nor am I the type of person who would dress a dog up like a human just for fun, however these dog coats are more practical as they are made out of fleece and can keep little dogs warm. Here is my first jacket on my aunt's dog Sophie (and on my chair before I had access to a dog):
It's a little big on Sophie but I think she looks cute nonetheless! Place your orders today! :-)

Digital Fun: I ordered a new printer/scanner/copier from QVC (three easy monthly payments!) because my old one was a piece of junk. I got right down to playing with the scanner and I uploaded many old pictures into iPhoto. As part of a family history project I am having my students complete, I decided that I would also complete the project which includes an interview with a family member. I interviewed my grandmother, Joyce Rush, and am now using both the interview and the old pictures of her that I was able to scan to create a Mix Book which is both an online digital scrap booking site and a way for you to have what your create made into an actual book. I am also going to try this site out with my students so they can create a book as a class, or individuals, on various research topics.

Here is one of my FAVORITE pictures of Grammy Joyce when she was about 15 years old (I was able to scan it) and I plan on using it as the cover of my Mix Book:
I was also able to turn an ordinary post card (I bought it in Nice, France a few summers ago for about one dollar) into a piece of art to fill one of the many empty frames on the walls of my home by scanning the postcard, using iPhoto to resize it, and then printing it out on photo paper. Check it out:

I just found the BEST website that allows you to play free workout videos online! They have lots of types of workouts that vary in who doesn't like variety and free when it comes to exercise or pretty much anything in life?

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  1. I love love that photo of your grammy. I'm inspired to look through old photos now!