Sunday, February 8, 2009


This weekend was full of food, presents, and "ooooing" & "aawwwing"! Saturday I went to a baby shower for my friend Beth (we met freshman year in college) and here she is opening the outfit I made for her soon-to-be-born little girl Christiana. She is a pretty adorable prego lady!

Here is Bonnie with her baby Ethan and Joshua, my friend Tanya's son, taking a break from all the baby shower festivities!

This afternoon I went to a lovely bridal shower for my friend Leah. We've been friends since high school but we were also in the same 5th grade class together. Here she is holding up the new and improved apron that I made for her after the first one had a little accident (see previous post)!! I think she'll look absolutely adorable wearing this while she does some baking for her new hubby! Well, for that matter, I'm sure Paul will look great in it too when he cooks for Leah!

Katie came and brought her baby Drew. Have I mentioned that I am in LOVE with this baby? He is so adorable! Please take note of the cute sweater he is wearing...yup, I made this! I started it last December when Katie announced she was pregnant and had it finished in June, just in time for her shower. She didn't know what the sex of the baby was in advance so I tried to pick something that was gender neutral but not the same old yellow or green. I think Drew looks GREAT in it too! Don't we make a cute couple?

Katie, Drew, Leah, K-A and Angela enjoying the shower!


  1. LOVE the new apron too! You have great fabric selection skills! Love all the picures from your busy weekend!

  2. OK, I just HAVE to take some credit for all your creative ability. Keep it up! LOVE everything you are doing. So, what's next on your plate? I think it's time to knit yourself something FABU! I think I know where you can get some great yarn...:-)