Monday, March 23, 2009

Maine Maple Sunday

It has been a few weeks since my last post so I thought it was time to give my readers (all hmm...lets say 10 of them?) what they want- a new post! I haven't been doing too many crafts lately due to time and budget constraints so here is a post about something fun (sort of) that I participated in this weekend- Maine Maple Sunday!

My friend Amanda drove out from SoPo and we headed to Cooper's Farm for what I hoped would be a relaxing morning eating pancakes with maple syrup. I went with my parents about 3 years ago and it was really lines, no waiting! Well I guess that cat is out of the bag because there were so many people there that we waited in line for a good 20+ minutes just for the pancakes! But mmmmm was that maple syrup delicious...After breakfast we hiked up through the mud to see some animals but the barn was closed! Here is Amanda on the hike back down...I'd say the best part (other than eating the pancakes and then having vanilla ice cream with maple syrup on it) was having fun walking through the mud with my trusty 'ole Bean boots!


  1. Hi Kelly Anne! Thanks for stopping over at my blog! Your blog is so fun! I think it's a RIOT that we used the same fabric AND we even both refered to something throwing up all over the room! Haaa! I hate to waste fabric so a little here and a little there....Anyways, I'm subscribing to your blog now so I can stay ubdated! Take care!

  2. I love Maine Maple Sunday! We had our own this Sunday since my sister and Cate were here. Got to love maple syrup!!