Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Break Begins

I've been on vacation for one official week now and I've been very busy making lots of crafts! It is nice having some free time to pursue my craftiness!

First Project= Bibs
I have two friends having babies so I decided to make a plethora of baby items, the first being bibs in funky fabrics lined with soft flannel. I have discovered that it is very difficult to find fun fabrics that are gender neutral! My friend and co-worker Christina is having a baby in September but she doesn't know what she is having so I had to search both Jo-Ann's and WalMart for fabric! Her husband is a police officer so I decided to use a novelty print with flags, badges, etc. on it (the bib on the left) and I think it will be cute on a little one!

Second Project= Nursing Wrap aka "Hooter Hider"

I also made Christina a nursing wrap because I have a few friends who have these and they seem to be really handy. I knew that I could easily make one as long as I found a tutorial. What makes this type of wrap great is that it has boning on the top so mom can look down and easily see baby underneath the cover. It secures around the neck with d-rings and also has a corner of soft flannel sewn into it to wipe baby's mouth after feeding. Here it is:

Third Project= Felt Shoes
I found a pattern on Martha for felt baby booties and then tweaked it a little to suit my own needs. They make really easy, really cute gifts for baby!

Fourth Project= Appliqued Onesies

As another really easy yet adorable gift for baby, toddler, or even adult for that matter, I created various templates shaped like animals, cupcakes, letters, etc. out of card stock. Then I ironed some Thermo Web to the back of a scrap of fabric, traced the template, then cut the shape out. Next, I ironed the shape onto the onesie and finally I used a zig-zag stitch on the machine to finish it off. I am going to sell a batch of these onesies at an upcoming craft fair. I think they are adorable!(T-shirt for soon-to-be big brother Joshua!)

Fifth Project= Funky Camera Strap

A while back I ordered a cool camera strap from I love it but once I got it I realized that I could totally figure out how to make one myself. My friend Katie B. helped design my new logo for House 8 Photography so as a thank you to her I covered her camera strap. It isn't perfect but I think it looks really good for my first try!

Friday, June 12, 2009


It has been a while since my last post but these last few months of school are always very busy! Two updates for now:

With the help of my technologically gifted mother, I have a new photography website along with a new name and logo (shout out to Bernier for help with the logo). Check out House8Photography and tell your friends!

I have also started a new blog called HerStory about History that will be about historical and current events. It is more geared toward my students but anyone who wants to learn a little or just likes history can check it out! I'll post again soon with some new craft projects I promise!