Sunday, August 9, 2009

I have my sewing room back!

My exchange student left yesterday morning and what was the very first thing I did after dropping her off? Drive right over to the fabric store! My guest room is also my sewing/craft room so while she was here I didn't create anything! This first thing I decided to make was a decorative pennant flag banner for my classroom. I used red, white, and blue fabrics (I am an American history teacher after all) and some double fold white bias tape as ribbon. I had seen these types of banners on some other sites and I decided I could definitely make one for myself. It took me about two hours this morning and now it is complete!
The only step I might do next is add letters in white felt to spell out "WELCOME", which will be a nice addition to my classroom decor! I am definitely going to make more of these banners in different colors and themes (holiday, baby/kids rooms, HAPPY BIRTHDAY) and try to sell some at craft fairs this fall.

The Best Blueberry Jam EVER!

Yes folks, the time has come for blueberry season which means homemade BLUEBERRY JAM! I made jam for the very first time last summer and gave it away to friends and family. I was told that it was the best they had ever had; not to bad for a recipe I found online after entering "easy blueberry jam recipe" in the search bar. Come to find out, canning and jarring food is quite the process. Since I don't have all the equipment (or patience) to give my jarred jam a boiling bath, I just recommend it be eaten within one month and kept refrigerated after opening. Several recipients of this jam last year have reported this wasn't a problem and that they did, in fact, eat the entire jar in one day (you know who you are!).

This year I decided to add little labels to the tops of the jars (some of the jars sold out there are a little to "countrified" for me) just for a nice decorative touch. I just used scrapbook paper and then glued them to the tops:
I think the jars are now as pretty as the jam is delicious!