Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Best Blueberry Jam EVER!

Yes folks, the time has come for blueberry season which means homemade BLUEBERRY JAM! I made jam for the very first time last summer and gave it away to friends and family. I was told that it was the best they had ever had; not to bad for a recipe I found online after entering "easy blueberry jam recipe" in the search bar. Come to find out, canning and jarring food is quite the process. Since I don't have all the equipment (or patience) to give my jarred jam a boiling bath, I just recommend it be eaten within one month and kept refrigerated after opening. Several recipients of this jam last year have reported this wasn't a problem and that they did, in fact, eat the entire jar in one day (you know who you are!).

This year I decided to add little labels to the tops of the jars (some of the jars sold out there are a little to "countrified" for me) just for a nice decorative touch. I just used scrapbook paper and then glued them to the tops:
I think the jars are now as pretty as the jam is delicious!

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