Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gifts Galore!

Baby DressesA coworker's wife is expecting a little girl this spring and we are throwing a shower at school. I am putting together a gift basket from my department and I wanted to give something homemade so I headed to the craft store to see what I could come up with. I found an easy pattern (I can only really do "easy" patterns at this point...have yet to tackle zippers and buttons...stayed tuned!) for an adorable little baby dress. This pattern did actually stretch my sewing skills because I have never done a facing before (the contrast lining inside the dress) but I figured it all out and ended up making two dresses out of adorable fabrics. Check 'em out!

Spa Pillows

Partly out of necessity and partly out of wanting to try a new craft, my latest craft his week has been making microwavable neck wraps and eye masks. I used soft flannel in fun patterns and filled them with rice. I tried putting peppermint tea in one wrap (for lack of essential oils) and it came out spelling pretty good when heated up! The key is to make two separate compartments so that the rice evenly distributes throughout the wrap. You can see below that I created two chambers in the neck wrap by sewing straight down the middle before filling with rice. You also have to remember not to overfill it or it won't be pliable enough to curve around the neck.

I added a little gift tag with heating/cooling directions to this neck wrap and eye mask set...this is going to a friend who I know gets migraines often, so hopefully this will help!

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