Friday, February 19, 2010

Vacation Time!

February break is wrapping up and I have been busy trying new crafts! Well, some are old, but still beautiful and fun to make! Here they are:

Travel Set
In April I will be taking a trip to the British Isles (super excited!) which got me thinking about my luggage and travel items. I bought a black LL Bean suitcase a fews years back and had them monogram a pink 'K' on the front thinking it would distinguish my bag from the rest of the black suitcases on the conveyor belt. Well, half the time the bag comes out face down, thus hiding the 'k'. So, I decided to make a set of brightly colored luggage handle wraps so I will easily identify my bag every time! I also made a matching pocket tissue cover as well. Can't wait to use them on my trip!

Garden Party
It is sort of funny to be thinking about a garden party when the snow is still on the ground but I just fell in love with these fabrics when I saw them. I made 3 banners and some matching pocket tissue covers. I think these would be fabulous to use for a bridal shower or other event that calls for decorations and favors!

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