Saturday, May 22, 2010

Birthday Treat

One of my friends LOVES bread so for her birthday I decided to send her a loaf of my absolute favorite breakfast bread from Whole Foods (cranberry ginger  YUM YUM).  To make it a little more special, I designed a Happy Birthday label in Photoshop, printed it on sticker paper, then used an over-sized craft puncher to cut it out.  Then I affixed it on the bread to give it a little 'pizazz'!

"Z" is for...

I have never made anything with a zipper and thus did not have a zipper foot for my machine.  So, I went to JoAnn's and bought one.  Turns out, I probably could have just made it without the special foot but it was only a few dollars so I suppose it is good to have on hand for future use.  I ended up making two really cute little pouches.  In the future I may add a little loop of fabric on one side to turn it into a wristlet.  Here they are:

I recently made another trash holder for my friend's car...this is the new and improved version of the first prototype that I created. 
Well, actually his name is Cooper and he weighs 17lbs so I figure he is probably a "god" among felines!  He came out to join me while I was taking some photos on the lawn...