Tuesday, July 13, 2010


My friend's baby girl is turning one this summer (here she is in the picture above wearing a dress I made for her)!  Never wanting to miss an opportunity to give a unique and creative gift, I settled upon making this:
It is a soft baby book...but not just any soft book, it's PERSONALIZED!  I used six pictures I had taken throughout her first year, printed them on photo fabric, then sewed the book together! 
All you need to make this book:
-a packet of computer printer fabric (I bought this at Joann Fabrics)
-some thin batting to place between your fabric pages
-Photoshop or word processing document to format your pictures/words for printing
-Color printer
-Fun fabric for outer cover of book
-Sewing machine, scissors, etc. 

You can make the book as large or as small as you would like but it looks better if it is square.  I added a tab and a velcro dot on the front to keep the book closed but you could leave this out. Here is the finished product:
I absolutely love this project/gift and would say it is one of the coolest and most special items I have ever made!

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