Saturday, July 31, 2010

More House Progress

It's been two weeks since I bought the 'flip' house (although, several times I have said "ugh!  this flippin' house") and progress is coming along nicely.  Here a few more 'before' and 'after' shots (click on the photos if you want to make them bigger):

I kept the old vanity base but ripped out the counter top and sink.  My dad helped me rip out the old vanity top but I am proud to say that I installed the new top ALL BY MYSELF!  Rosie the Riveter would be so proud!   Then, I (disasterously) spray painted the base and doors.  Whoops! The spray paint went EVERYWHERE!  Luckily, I had covered everything essential in the bathroom, mainly all those lovely white tiles.  I changed out the old handles for shiny new chrome handles that match the faucet that I am in love with!  The wall sconces stayed (they were black to begin with) but I replaced the mirror with one I found for $24.99 at Marshall's (score)!  Next I will replace the towel bar that is on the left side of the vanity and add a hand towel ring on the right wall.

The toilet will be replaced with a new one when the floor is tiled.  I just love this paint color...I had used it in one of the bathrooms in my condo and really thought it was the perfect shade of blue-green. 

Here's a sneak peak at progress in the living room:

I painted the top part of the wall Coventry Gray by Benjamin Moore and white beadboard is going up on the bottom half of the wall, where the old brown paneling had been. Can't wait for it to all be up!

 Chandelier is up in the dining area!  My uncle (who's an electrician) put up new fixtures throughout the house, which definitely helps to update things!  Stay tuned for more updates as we enter week 3!

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