Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gift Giving Idea #1

Wondering what to give for gifts this year?  Well, I've compiled a list of affordable gift-giving ideas that you can make (mostly) at home!  I'll be posting them periodically over the next couple weeks so stay tuned!

 CD Sleeve Cookies
Materials Needed:
-1 box of paper CD sleeves
-Sticker paper (bough mine at Staples)
-color printer to print the labels
-parchment paper (to line the inside of the CD sleeve so grease marks don't stain the paper)
-ingredients to make your favorite cookie recipe

I gave these out last year to my coworkers and some of my students.  First, bake slightly oversized cookies (I just used trial and error to get the correct size for my oatmeal raisin cookies), then line the paper sleeves with parchment paper or aluminum foil.  Next, print out the labels onto sticker paper, cut out and affix to the to of the packaging, half hanging over the front, the other half hanging over the back. I originally saw this idea on but created my own sticker labels in Photoshop. You can download my template (but you'll have to click on the link twice) for the labels HERE. 

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