Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gift Giving Idea #5

Recycled T-Shirts
While renovating the flip house this summer, I went through countless number of rags (wiping up paint and general 'messiness').  I had purchased a couple bags of rags from Goodwill, which were basically just old t-shirts cut up and put in a bag.  Well, for the last year and some odd months, I have had a entire pile of t-shirts sitting in my classroom just waiting for a second chance to be useful!  I am co-advisor for the Class of 2012 and the class officers had ordered t-shirts last year for homecoming.  Several students ordered shirts but never paid for them and/or never came to pick them up so, alas, they have been collecting dust and taking up much needed space in my classroom since September of 2009.  Finally, after giving as many of them away as I could (and keeping several for myself...painting shirts, workout shirts, gigantic XL sleepshirts) I decided I would cut them up and give them to my dad as part of his Christmas gift since I know he will definitely use them in all sorts of ways.

Viola!  A recycled and useful Christmas gift!

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