Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

 Construction on my new house will start in the next couple months.  In anticipation, I have started to gather decorative items and have been perusing the Jo-Ann Fabrics and Home Depot (my usual 'haunts') for paint and fabric inspiration.  I found a beautiful fabric that I am using as inspiration for the future living room:

It has soft greens, golds, blues, and cream colors that play nicely with the gray/green/khaki color of my sofa. Jo-Ann fabrics was selling it for $39.99/yard (holy cow!!) but I found it online for only $12.99/yard.  I will only be using it to cover a few couch cushions and perhaps reupholster a $5 chair I bought at Goodwill so I only ordered 2 yards.

I really like the colors in this picture I found on The Lettered Cottage so I am also using it as inspiration:

I have narrowed down paint color choices for the kitchen/dining area, the living room, and the office/2nd bedroom/craft room (from left to right in the picture below):

I tend to gravitate toward soft neutrals, nothing to bright or jarring. I will probably do some sort of stripes on the dining room wall to tie the living room color to the dining room color.  Something like this:
(photo from House Tweaking)

I've also picked up a few floor samples.  I can't afford hardwood so I will go with laminate.  The front runner is a light brown with gray undertones.

 Although I have never been a fan of carpet, I find this pattern from Martha Stewart via Home Depot to be a bit more sophisticated and am considering it for the two bedrooms.  At $1.99/sq ft, it is also budget friendly!
Although the color of this carpet seems gray, when I went to see a sample in person, it was more of a green/blue/gray.  I'm glad I saw it in person before making any decisions!  I will definitely be making more decisions regarding the house in the coming months, so check back in for updates!

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