Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hot Mess

In anticipation of my house warming party this past weekend, I had one last room that desperately needed to be organized:

Yup, it's the office/craft room AKA 'dumping ground' for miscellaneous goods. The centerpiece of the room is a large 4x4 work table that I purchased 3 years ago from Staples.  In my condo, it served as a dining room table:

But in my new house, which has ample space for an actual dining room table in the dining area, the work table is now used for just that, work!  Here she is, all cleared and ready to be slathered in fabric, glue, and paper:

Please take note of the pretty black dad came over and rewired the chandelier so that it is now long enough to swag over the center of the table, providing ample light for all my sewing and craft projects. 

Here are some more 'before' and 'after' pictures of the disaster zone from other angles...

I still need to deal with several boxes of books and frames that are under the table as well as hang some art work and curtains, but at this point, the room is certainly functional!

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