Thursday, September 29, 2011

Birthday Surprise

One of my best work friends, who has subsequently become one of my best friends, recently had a birthday.  I wanted to do something special for her because this summer, when I was a bit overwhelmed after just moving in to my new house, she came over with all the 'fixins' to make a taco dinner including her frying pan because she new all my boxes had yet to be unpacked!

So, I planned a surprise birthday dinner!  Her son is a student in my Sociology class this semester so we created a plan that involved him driving her to my town under the guise that he and his brother were taking her out to dinner.  But, they came to my house instead!

I made a spaghetti dinner...

With red velvet cake for dessert!

The birthday girl!

May all your wishes come true!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Another What I Wore Wednesday post! I know it looks like I must pose my kitty in my pictures but I DON'T!  I take a lot of the pictures just as I get home from work and since he's been alone all day and wants his din-din, he's very affectionate!

Skirt: LL Bean
Patent Navy Flats: Land's End
Patent Navy Belt: Forever 21
Top: Victoria's Secret

Pants: GAP
Melon-colored Sweater: Target
Printed Blouse: J. Crew
I LOOOOVE this top!  I didn't have time to take a pic without the sweater on but it's a really cute elastic, short-sleeve top. One of my favorites for sure!

Friday ('jeans day' at school!)

Top: Old Navy
Jeans: GAP 'long and lean'
Sandals: Old Navy
So, yeah, looking at this picture makes my realize how desparately I need to go shopping for new jeans.  Granted, they were worn all day so they are a bit baggy but I think I need to go down another size and or find a skinnier fit! One that will fit my hips but not give me 'muffin top'!

Sunday (brunch in Portsmouth)
Dress: WalMart
Sandals: Old Navy
It was really hot this day so I thought this dress combined the coolness with a fall print.
pleated poppy

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Bushel or a Peck?

A peck!  Today I went apple picking at Apple Acres in South Hiram, Maine.  It was bizarre because the weather has been so warm and muggy...not what I had in mind for apple picking in September!  I haven't been apple picking for several years, in fact, the last time I went was when I was a nanny in Virginia back in 2003 and before that I hadn't been since I was a wee-one. Today there happened to be a blue grass music festival going on so we had some delightful music while we picked!
Can you spot my friend Donna and her son Conor in the pic above carrying their goodies?

I'm a Macintosh lady all the way!  I just love the crispness as you take your first bite.  In addition to my peck of apples, I walked away with cider and 6 apple-cider donuts, half of which may or may not have made it out of the parking lot!!

I have big plans for these apples...YUM!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Mailbox Makeover

One of the fun parts of moving from a condo into a single-family home is that I finally have a free-standing mailbox. I didn't think I'd ever think anything about a mailbox was 'fun' but now that I am old(er) things like mailboxes, vacuums, and weed-wackers really float-my-boat.  I wanted to give my mailbox a little 'spice' so I ordered a decal from Etsy.  Here's what it looked like before:
Well, sort of...I didn't stop to take any pictures before I put the decal on but it looks exactly like the mailbox above.  And here's what she looks like now:

Clearly the elements have covered her in filth but she's pretty and functional nonetheless (that's what she said!!).  The decal was really easy to apply and makes such a nice statement.  I actually put it on just after I sprained my ankle walking out the door this summer and just before going to the express care clinic to have an x-ray! But, I had just received it in said mailbox and couldn't wait to try it!  Totally worth it!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday: Homecoming Week Edition

Third week linking up to The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday! Last week was Homecoming Week at school so some of my outfits were part of our daily 'spirit dress-up days'. 

Tuesday (black & white day):
Cardigan: GAP
White collared shirt: Banana Republic Outlet
Black capris: Target
Sandals: Famous Footwear
Necklace: H&M

Wednesday (mismatch day):
I didn't participate in the dress-up day :0(

Dress: Target
Sandals: Hmmm, I bought them so long ago I don't remember!
Necklace: H&M

Thursday (sports logo day)
Vintage logo Patriots sweatshirt: Target
Blue tee: Walmart
Jeans: Delia's
Sandals: Ann Taylor Loft

Friday (blue and gold school colors day)
I wore my Class of 2012 tee, of course!

Monday (school)

Grey Dress: GAP outlet
Sweater: Target
Pumps: TJ Max
Tuesday (school)
Dress: This is my favorite purchase from Wal-Mart...ever!!  I get so many compliments when I wear this dress!
Shoes: Payless!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Porch Progess

Here's a little sneak peek of a project I've been working on in between grading papers and editing photos:

More details to come when I'm finally finished (if, that is, I can beat mother nature and get this thing painted before it's too cold)!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Homecoming Week 2011

This is Homecoming Week at the high school where I teach and I am co-advisor of the Class of 2012 who are now, finally, in their Senior Year! This is the second class that I have advised which means that I've been overseeing Homecoming events for the better part of 7 years.

 Here's my partner in crime, Donna, and I sporting our 2012 Senior tees!  We've kept each other sane through a lot and really know how to rock out to Summer of '69 like none other in the middle of high school dances!

Homecoming week is full of activities where the students get to showcase their creativity by competing with the other classes in four areas.  There's bulletin board decorating, gym decorating, parade float creation, and class skits.  This year's overall theme was 'movies' so we had the Finding Nemo Freshmen, the Smurf Sophomores, the Jaws Juniors, and finally the Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone Seniors.

First up was the bulletin board decorating:

The Seniors did a great job with the Harry Potter theme.  They had Hogwart's school in the background and cut out pictures of everyone in the class to put in the different 'houses'.

I'm not an expert on the Harry Potter films or books as I've only seen the first two movies and have never read the books, but I do know the kids that worked on the bulletin board are Harry Potter fiends so I have no doubt they did a great job adding elements from the stories.

Next up was the float competition:
On their float, the Seniors recreated the "Hogwart's Express"!!!  This class has been great at building floats since their freshman year so I expected nothing less.  It brought me to tears, both because it was awesome and because it was hitting me that this was their last homecoming and that they were really growing up!

Gym decorating was next....this is an exhausting night because we have to stay with the kids until 10:30pm (yes, PM!!) to supervise while they decorate their corner of the gym:

Here are a couple pictures of the Jaws Juniors' side of the gym:

The sight of all this creativity really makes me happy and proud that I work with such a talented group of young people!  What an exhausting, sentimental, fun, and crazy-blur of a week we've had!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

I'm once again linking up to The Pleated Poppy for 'What I Wore Wednesday'.  I will apologize in advance for the poor quality photos.  By the looks of them, you would never guess that I am a decent portrait photographer (in addition to teaching).  Here's proof!  While you're there, 'like' me!

Thursday (Open House night at school):
Turquoise Top: Kohls
Tank: H & M
Belt: Target
Pants: 'Christy Fit' from Victoria's Secret
Sandals: Marshalls

Friday (school!)

Red Sweater: Target
Anchor Skirt: LL Bean (on sale for $12 but I had a $10 coupon so I got it for $2!!)
Sandals: Famous Footwear
Necklace: Kohls

Saturday (gardening and housework)

Shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: Delia's (yes, I realize this is a 'teeny bopper' store but they have jeans in a variety of inseams which fit my 5-foot frame)
Hat: I bought it in Bar Harbor after visiting Acadia National Park

Sunday (Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure)
I had big plans to run my first 5k but I sprained my ankle in July and thus spent the summer 'gingerly' walking instead of training.  So, instead I walked it with friends!

Monday (school day)

Dress & Shoes: Target
Belt: $3 from Goodwill!  
Adorable Kitty Feet: priceless