Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Black Thumb

I am good at a few things, but gardening is definitely not one of them.  My house is on a two acre lot, most of which is wooded, but I have lots of space that desperately needs landscaping!

 I have some help every now and then with the upkeep:

This is my darling cousin Nate who likes to earn a little 'green' for helping me with my 'green'!

There are several areas that are prime targets for flower beds, one being just in front of the house to the left of the porch.  I'm hoping to make this entire area a bed and get rid of all the grass.
I can't commit to planting anything here quite yet.  I'd like to come up with a design on paper then start planting next spring.  So far, I've only planted a hydrangea that was given to me by my friend Donna!
She doesn't look very good but I'm hoping she'll survive the winter and thrive again in the spring!  I've also planted a Weeping Cherry tree that was also a gift:

And yet another friend, Tori, gave me a whole 'bunch' (pun intended) of perennials from her garden!  I planted several in the little nook on one side of the daylight basement sloping wall.

And more around a birch in the front yard...I had a special helper with my gardening projects, too!

Can't wait for spring but am glad I have all winter to figure out what I want to do with my landscape!

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