Friday, September 16, 2011

Homecoming Week 2011

This is Homecoming Week at the high school where I teach and I am co-advisor of the Class of 2012 who are now, finally, in their Senior Year! This is the second class that I have advised which means that I've been overseeing Homecoming events for the better part of 7 years.

 Here's my partner in crime, Donna, and I sporting our 2012 Senior tees!  We've kept each other sane through a lot and really know how to rock out to Summer of '69 like none other in the middle of high school dances!

Homecoming week is full of activities where the students get to showcase their creativity by competing with the other classes in four areas.  There's bulletin board decorating, gym decorating, parade float creation, and class skits.  This year's overall theme was 'movies' so we had the Finding Nemo Freshmen, the Smurf Sophomores, the Jaws Juniors, and finally the Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone Seniors.

First up was the bulletin board decorating:

The Seniors did a great job with the Harry Potter theme.  They had Hogwart's school in the background and cut out pictures of everyone in the class to put in the different 'houses'.

I'm not an expert on the Harry Potter films or books as I've only seen the first two movies and have never read the books, but I do know the kids that worked on the bulletin board are Harry Potter fiends so I have no doubt they did a great job adding elements from the stories.

Next up was the float competition:
On their float, the Seniors recreated the "Hogwart's Express"!!!  This class has been great at building floats since their freshman year so I expected nothing less.  It brought me to tears, both because it was awesome and because it was hitting me that this was their last homecoming and that they were really growing up!

Gym decorating was next....this is an exhausting night because we have to stay with the kids until 10:30pm (yes, PM!!) to supervise while they decorate their corner of the gym:

Here are a couple pictures of the Jaws Juniors' side of the gym:

The sight of all this creativity really makes me happy and proud that I work with such a talented group of young people!  What an exhausting, sentimental, fun, and crazy-blur of a week we've had!


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  1. Wow that looks like a lot of work but a lot of fun too. Makes me miss teaching, and even more so being young and in high school. Thanks for linking up at Bacon Time :)