Friday, September 9, 2011

A Little Reminder

The start of this school year has been particularly stressful for a variety of reasons, of which I won't get into on this light-hearted blog.  When I came across this quote from Haim Ginott while reading another teacher's blog, I thought it would serve as a friendly reminder to slow down and think about my daily actions within my classroom. Click on the image to enlarge and read:

 I typed and formatted the quote in Photoshop, printed on cardstock, then put it into a frame that I already had in one of my many 'picture frames that have yet to be hung or displayed around the new house' boxes!

This year, I am on a totally awesome new teaching team of 4 core subject teachers (English, Math, Science, and me, Social Studies)...

...that's one good-lookin' group of teachers right there!  Ahh, the beauty of Photoshop!

Anyway, I point is that I decided to make them each a copy of the quote.  I used these cool plastic picture sleeves with magnets on the back so they can put them on the side of a file cabinet, if they so choose.  I already had the sleeves in the aforementioned 'photo frame box' so the total cost of the project was $0! 

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