Monday, September 5, 2011

Punch It

No, this post isn't about being aggressive, it's about punching holes in belts.  At the start of this year (the actual year, not the school year) I joined Weight Watchers and lost 15 pounds (although I gained a 'smidge' back this summer, oops!), which made a big difference on my 5-foot frame.

 (Pants pile that had to be donated because they didn't fit any more!)

Thus, many of my belts needed adjustment.  Regardless of the weight loss, I also have belts that need more holes because I wear them at my waist sometimes instead of around my hips.

I ruined a few belts by trying to punch the holes with a nail and hammer, or scissors, or other random household items that just left a jagged-looking hole. Then I went to the local hardware store and found a device specifically made for punching holes in leather!  Woo hoo!

It has several size 'punches' so you can easily match the existing belt holes.

The other problem I had to solve was what to do with that extra part of the belt that hangs off to the side...
The solution that I swear by is Hollywood Fashion Tape...
It's basically a more sturdy version of double-sided tape that can be used on belts, bra straps, wrap dresses, etc.  I've even used them around the house to keep curtains and other fabrics in place!  Part of my house-hold arsenal of items to help make do with what you have!

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