Sunday, October 30, 2011

Brazlian Wish Bracelets

It's finally happened!  After nearly TWO YEARS of being tied around my wrist, my Brazilian wish bracelet has fallen off:

Let's go back...two years ago I had an exchange student in my class, Thais, from San Paulo, Brazil.  As a Christmas gift, she gave me a wish ribbon that is a tradition in her country.

 Someone gives the ribbon as a gift, wraps it around the recipients wrist, then ties three knots.  For each knot, the recipient makes a wish.  The bracelet must then be worn until it naturally disintigrates and falls off by itself.

Thais said she thought it would fall off in a few months.  Well, it's been just shy of two years and mine has just fallen off this week!  You can see it in the picture's covered in paint and from two years worth of house-related projects and, well, just living life!  I'll say that 1 and a half of my wishes have already come true and I'm excited to see if the other 1 and a half happen, too!  You can read more about the wish bracelets on this travel blog.

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