Monday, October 10, 2011

A Down East Maine Adventure

I'm back from a wonderfully relaxing long weekend with two of my best friends from college. We drove up the Maine coast on scenic Route 1 to my family's beach house in Milbridge (which is for rent each summer in case you're interested in visiting).  We stopped in Bar Harbor on the way for lunch and to visit my friend's aunt, who owns a lovely little inn!

The Seacroft Inn is in the perfect block to town and one block to the beach!  It was nice to have a quick visit with Aunt Bunny while we were in town!

We arrived in Milbridge just in time to witness a spectacular sunset...

The next morning Beth and I had breakfast on the deck, overlooking the ocean.  As we ate, a bald eagle flew just overhead!  It was pretty amazing!  Our view from the deck...
After breakfast we explored the yard...I took pictures of the cool gravestones on the property that date back to the 1800s.  Look closely and you can see one says "Lost at sea"...can't take the history teacher out of me no matter where we are!

Beth, who's studying to become a Maine Master Naturalist, explored and identified flora and fauna...

When Tori arrived, we went down to the beach...
Because the house is located on an inlet, the entire 'beach' is covered in seashells that are brought in with each tide!

The next morning we went to Petit Manan Wildlife Preserve for a little hike.
The walking path is just gorgeous, particularly now that the leaves have changed! The weather this weekend was sunny and in the upper 70s EVERY DAY...IN MAINE...IN OCTOBER!  What an absolute treat is was indeed!


  1. You totally got lucky. Great weather in Maine this weekend, indeed! Last week it was rainy and cold!! Beautiful beach home your folks have, very lucky.

  2. Yes, indeed, Melissa...totally lucked out weather wise! I live in southern Maine so I know how fickle our Maine weather can be!