Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Costumes

I spent the better part of today making my Halloween costume.  You'll have to wait until next week, however, for pictures of my creation! Even if I don't have a party to attend, I dress up for school.  Some of the students dress up but it's the faculty that seem to really go crazy with the costumes! I'm a big fan of homemade costumes over store bought, probably because I am always look for an excuse to think creatively!Here's a little Halloween costume history:

Halloween 1984:
Strawberry Shortcake!  My mother made my costume and apparently I accessorized with an Oscar the Grouch pin?  Cute nonetheless!

Halloween 2008:
I was a witch...not very creative but the hat was pretty cool because it had black feathers and a veil.  And I couldn't resist those awesome striped tights!  My fellow teachers Jessie and Mark were a referee and a 'nerd', respectively. 

Halloween 2009:
Homemade Statue of Liberty costume!  Took me a while to make but totally worth it!  I won the costume contest at school that year! Can you guess what Donna is supposed to be?  Hint: her eyes are painted black.... A 'black-eyed pea'!  

This was my second costume that year...I threw it together last minute with items around the house.  I printed the sheriff's badge on card stock and pinned it on.

Halloween 2010

Harry Potter!  This is my favorite costume thus far! I purchased the wig, glasses, tie, and wand from a party store.  The gown is my faculty gown that I wear to graduation each year and I found a Griffindor patch online and printed it on card stock, then taped to the gown. The shirt, sweater, and pants were things I already owned. The kids at school LOVED this outfit, too, and couldn't stop laughing!

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