Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Painted Porch

I'm slowly but surely making strides in getting the front porch painted before winter.  Actually, I used solid color stain because I heard it's easier to maintain.  After three weeks, the railings are finally done!

I splurged and purchased those gorgeous mums at HD last week...I needed some color to brighten up the front entry! Also, please take note of Kitty who coordinates perfectly with the color scheme!

I'm on the fence about what color to stain the floor of the porch.  I thought dark gray but the original color I bought seemed too light so I went back to Sherwin Williams and had them tint it a darker color.  The darker color was reading too 'blue' to me so then I thought maybe I'd just leave it's natural color (it's a beautiful cedar) and use a clear stain/sealer.  But then, a 'light bulb' moment...

I took a table from the living room that I had spray-painted gray and brought it on the porch to see how it's color looked against the siding.  I LOVE it!  It's dark enough to contrast but not too blue!  I'm hoping to have one of the paint places color match the can of spray paint.  More to come on the porch transformation!

*UPDATE: See the finished porch here!



  1. It's coming along beautifully! LOVE the colors you've used and the mums were the perfect choice -- great pop of color for sure!

  2. Thank you so much, Lauren! It's amazing how something as simple as white stain and mums can really make such a difference!

  3. This is fun, watching your porch come together. Sort of like the HGTV shows only we're seeing how it's done in a realistic amount of time. Thanks for bringing us in on your fun!

  4. Thanks for following along, Joy! I'll be adding more photos once the floor of the porch is painted and I add some fun accessories!