Monday, November 28, 2011

Modern Day Snow White Costume

Boo!  Not the "I scared you" kind but the "I can't believe it's been a month and you haven't posted your Halloween costume" kind of boo!  This year I was...

DIY Snow White Costume Idea
Snow White!
I was going for the 'modern-day' version of Snow White and tried to use items I already had, like the white collared blouse and the red cardigan.  

The patent red flats were purchased on sale at Target.  As for the bow, I bought a red satin ribbon and hot glued it around a headband I already owned.  I used red satin fabric to make the bow, then glued it to the top of the headband.

To achieve the bodice/princess look, I bought a $3 royal blue tank from WalMart onto which I hot-glued some gold roping (purchased at the fabric store). I used fray-check on the ends, too!

As for the skirt, I found a really simple tutorial from MADE. All it took was a couple yards (OK, maybe less as I am only 5-feet tall and thus don't need a long skirt!) of yellow fabric and an elastic!  

Hmmm, only one thing needed to complete the look...
An Evil Queen! Isn't Donna's costume AWESOME!?!  

She bought the maxi dress on clearance at Target and made her crown out of a gold gift bag.  Her white collar is a toilet-paper covered disposable foil casserole dish that she cut!  Her head is covered with a ski-hat thingy (which has a real name that I can't think of!).  Add a cape from the Halloween store and a foil-covered mirror and voila!

Needless to say, our students were quite entertained at the sight of their wacky History & Math teachers dressed as Disney characters!  Happy Belated Halloween!

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