Sunday, November 13, 2011


I recently posted about finally adding shelving and frames to my bare living room walls.  Since then, I've added a piece of art to one of those frames that I am totally and utterly in love with!  I'd say my design style is modern-meets-vintage-meets-pottery barn...not sure it that has a name by we'll just call it "Kelly-Anne chic".  In light of this theme, I created a DIY print of a deer head silhouette on a gray chevron background...

My dad and step-dad, both avid hunters, would be sooo proud!
I found a picture of a deer head online and imported it into Photoshop, filled it in with the plum color, and placed it on a chevron background.  I needed a 12x12 print, which my printer at home can't do, so I went to Staples and had them print it for $8! Not bad for a custom piece of art work!

I'm trying to infuse the plum color into the living room through accessories and art because I think it looks nice against my gray-green couch, which is why I chose the colors in the print. The other photos are of family, but I still have a few empty frames left with which to fill with the same plum and gray color graphic prints to tie the whole scene together.


  1. Hi! I love your artwork. I just saw it as I was looking back to find the deer template I used when I made a similar project on canvas a few weeks ago. My project tutorial will be posted this coming Tuesday and I'll give your project a shout out too! I love the chevron and the plum color!
    Monica (&Jess)

  2. Sweet...the deer head prints are big this season. I'm working on one now, with book pages as the background. Guess it would have been way less messy to import it into Photoshop and then just print it. Duh. Guess I'm stuck with the mod podge on my hands (and carpet) for now!

  3. do you sell this print somewhere?
    i love to add it to my bedroom