Thursday, December 29, 2011

Another Christmas Idea...

Today I packed up all the Christmas decorations and threw the beautiful tree outside!  Boy oh boy were there pine needles EVERYWHERE.  Normally, I'd wait until after the New Year to put everything away but I'm on school vacation this week and wanted to get it done so I could enjoy the rest of vacation.  But, before I put everything away I took a few more pictures of some decor ideas to share.

I ran out of room for more holiday cards on my shutter so I had to come up with another display space.

I purchased some fun pom-pom trim from the fabric store, sewed a quick loop on either end and hung it across my TV console from two stocking hooks!

The only problem I encountered was that the weight of the cards was pulling the stocking hooks off the top. Nothing a little velcro couldn't solve!  I added a piece to each stocking hook as well as to the top of the TV console (where no one except really tall people will ever see).

As I was packing up I also took a picture of a framed print of my brothers and I along with our father on Christmas morning circa 1985. It only comes out at Christmas as a festive reminder of the excitement of the season! Until next year!

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