Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Cards

I just LOVE receiving holiday cards in the mail!  Actually, I love any sort of correspondence from friends and family because letter writing seems to be a dying art. However, the holiday season fills my mailbox with lots of cheerful wishes from family and friends and that fills me with joy!  I've found a creative way to display my holiday cards this year:

I bought a vintage shutter at one of my favorite local shops and re-purposed it as a card holder.  It was already green so I just left it as it is.  For now, I've used clothes pins in their natural state to secure the cards but I think I may glue some wood on the back of the shutter so that the cards won't fall down the slats.  Another option is to keep the clothes pins but paint them red or another fun holiday color. A third option is to cut the shutter in half and then add hinges so that it can rest easy on a table top.  Maybe next year I'll change it up!

And now for this year's holiday card from me to you (and all my family and friends)...drum roll please...
That's my house after a fresh coating of snow just before Thanksgiving (it has ALL melted since then which I am perfectly delighted about).  I designed the whole card in Photoshop and had oversized postcards printed at Vistaprint. Can you spot the decorations that have been added in Photoshop?  I don't have any shrubs or landscaping yet in real life so I had to add a little greenery, too!  Love it!

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  1. I like this idea! I already have my shutter, just have to decide what color I want to paint it! Mine is two pieces with a hinge in the middle. Stopping by from Made By You Monday.