Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ironing Board Cover Tutorial

I recently purchased a small table-top ironing board for $6 at WalMart.  I was previously using an over the door pull down ironing board to save space but it was a pain to use and scuffed up the door (not to mention I couldn't close the door). One of the advantages of being short is short pant legs, therefore a little table top board works just fine! Plus, it fits nicely in my newly made-over laundry closet! The only problem with the $6 board is a really, really boring cover:

I spent just under an hour whipping up a new cover for the ironing board using a pretty gray & white printed fabric I had on hand.  I used this tutorial for the measurements. I measured all around the board and used a washable fabric pen to mark the pattern directly on the back of the fabric before cutting.

Pinning the curved edges proved to be the biggest challenge, however, it didn't need to be perfect because that part would be hidden under the board.  Here is the new and improved ironing board:

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