Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Laundry Room Makeover

Technically, this is the story of a laundry 'closet' not a laundry 'room' makeover.  Said closet resides in my one and only bathroom.  On the right of the closet there's a stacked washer/dryer set, and up until a few weeks ago, this is what was on the left:

A complete and utter's the closet where cleaning products went to die. In my defense, I did attempt to add some organization by adding that white rolling laundry cart thingy...look closely, it's there right along side of the W.B. Mason paper box I took from school when moving!  But without true shelves, racks, or hooks of any kind, it wasn't very I did something about it:

It's so pretty it almost makes me excited to do laundry (almost!).  I started by purchasing the vanity on sale for $25 at Home Depot.  It was missing a top which is why it was so inexpensive.  I ordered a custom laminate counter top ($75) to stretch from one side to the other over the vanity to add a space for folding laundry.  As luck would have it, there was just enough space to the left of the vanity base to fit the metal cart thingy, sans the wheels!  A rack was added to the wall to hang various cleaning instruments!

Above the vanity I added two shelves (from Ikea) supported by brushed nickel brackets picked up at Lowe's. I also forgot to mention that before all of this was started, the walls were painted Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams to match the rest of the bathroom.  The lighting in the closet isn't the greatest (is it ever?) so the color might look different in each picture.

The sign is something whipped up in Photoshop and printed at home using a take on the tagline for Tide detergent!  I thought it was appropriate for the space!

Do you know how to fold perfect looking towels?  Believe it or not, I've never learned the proper way to fold towels so that they are all consistently neat. So I Googled it and found a great guide.

To finish things up I added a few more decorative and functional items to the shelves.  The framed picture is one that I took of rocks on the beach of Nice, France and the gray printed file folder contains the user manuals to the washer and dryer and other household appliances.  All the detergent and random 'junk' is hidden neatly in the vanity!

I'm thrilled with the way it turned out and by the fact that every last bit of this makeover was done by my two hands (no outside help hanging anything or 'shlepping' the vanity in) except for the painting which was my brother's Christmas gift to me!  Ahhh, I LOVE organization!

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  1. Looks fantastic...I love the color! New follower here...


    1. Thanks, Linsey! The color is Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams...the perfect blue/green/gray!

  2. Oh. My. God.
    This is amazing.
    I'm your newest follower.



    1. Wow, Jenny, thanks so much for your kind comments! It's a little hidden jem in my house but totally functional now!

  3. Hello~

    Love the makeover, the sign says it all!! Clean should never be an option. :) Happy to be a new follower and I invite you to share at my {k.i.s.s.} blog bash.


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    1. Thanks for following, Christina! Yes, thought the saying was very appropriate for the space!

  4. You've got a wonderful space now! Love the shelf but also how you put everything together! Thank you for linking up! This is one of my top five picks this week and I hope you have time this weekend to link up again! (The sign is so fun too! And who knew a picture of rocks would be amazing!)

    1. Oh yay! Thanks for picking my space as one of your 'top 5'! Glad to be a new follower of your blog, too!