Saturday, January 7, 2012

Wrapping Paper Organizer

I've been slowly but surely making progress on organizing and decorating my office/ craft room.  I recently found a great idea for organizing and displaying gift wrap supplies from this blog. She's used an empty picture frame as the base of the display, so clever!  I rummaged through my basement and found two frames I picked up two years ago on black Friday at WalMart for $5 each.  Obviously they weren't getting much picture-displaying use sitting in the basement so they were re-purposed...

DIY Wrapping Paper Organizer

I went to Home Depot and had them cut 8 dowels ($.89 each) to the size of my frames.  Rubber coated mug hooks were screwed into either side of the frames for the dowels to rest upon. I wasn't sure how well the hooks would screw into the plastic frames so I used a drill bit to make starter holes and they went in easily.

In the warmer months I'll take the dowels outside and spray them with white paint but for now they are functional!  The bottom dowel has both ribbon and bags of bows and I've hung some tissue paper on the top dowel, too! This display is both pretty and functional.  Here's what the rest of the office looks like!

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  1. Great idea! I haven't seen this one. I must pin it, so I won't forget :)


    1. It was really easy to make and adds a nice 'art-like' feature to my craft room!

  2. It looks so clean and classy - but so super cute!

    1. Wow! Thanks a bunch, Laurel! I'll take 'classy' any day!