Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What SHE Wore Wednesday

In honor of my grandmother's 80th birthday, this week's What I Wore Wednesday post features styles from her past!

This is Joyce Jewell, my grandmother, in 1945 when she was about 15 years old.  I love the eyelet blouse and flower in her hair!

Here is another picture of Grammy Joyce around the same time period...
How awesome is that striped dress?  And the bobby socks?  This is one of my favorite pictures!

My grandmother and grandfather shortly after they were married...
I love how even in the coldest winter months, ladies of the past still wore skirts all the time!  Put on a fur coat and some boots and you're good to go!

Fast forward about 15-20 years and you've got this...
It's a bit fuzzy but you can definitely see a difference in styles of this picture from that of the previous pictures.  Skinny jean shorts, bobbed hair and the cardigan (a classic!) are straight from the '60s!  I'm so glad these pictures were saved from years ago because they are so precious...and there are more where they came from, including pictures from my other side of the family, too!  I will be sure to do another post!

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Have you heard of Birchbox?  It's an AMAZING service that delivers a box of sample size health and beauty products to your door once a month!  In December, I purchased a three month subscription as a gift for two of my friends (and one for myself!) and they absolutely LOVE it (and so do I)!  I mean really, who doesn't like to get mail, and in this case, a box full of makeup and goodies?!?

Here's my February Birchbox, packaged so 'prettily'...

The box includes a little card explaining all of this month's products...

I received a heart shaped nail file, free music downloads, Jouer tinted moisturizer, a 'daily microfoliant' cream, 'glo and go' travel bronzer puff, and these really cool 'stick on' eye-liner samples!  So fun!! My new favorite lip gloss came in my December box so it's safe to say they've sucked me in!  Get your own Birchbox here! Or better yet, buy one for your friends!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Student Progress Check: Free Printable!

Winter Break is almost over!  Time to get back into 'school mode' and start thinking about Spring!  I've created a fun 'progress check' form for my students to fill out so they can reflect and set goals from now until the end of the school year. I've used similar forms in the past, but nothing as fun as this one!  It was really my way of practicing some new Photoshop design skills...what can I say?  I'm a life-long learner!
If your school is like mine, you won't have the budget or availability to print this form in color, but you can still download it and make copies in black & white!  Let me know what you think! 

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Linking up for What I Wore Wednesday!  I'm on vacation this week so I don't have any fancy outfits to share...mostly sweats and comfy casual outfits as I hang out at home!  The following outfit is what I wore on Friday for our field trip to the textile museum!

Sadly, I don't remember where the sweater or the white collared shirt come from because I bought them a while ago, but I do suspect they are both from Burlington Coat Factory!  The belt was picked up at Goodwill for $3 last summer!  The sweater actually comes with a knit belt but I thought the leather belt was a fun touch!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Digital Art Prints

I've been slowly but surely making my way into the world of digital art design.  I'm by no means an expert in the digital arts, but I've taken what I do know coupled with color inspiration from fabrics like pillows and bedding, and started designing a few prints for decor around my house. 

The colors from a pretty floral fabric that I'll be using for pillows in my living room were the inspiration for my 'Quick Fox' print!  The phrase 'The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog" uses every letter from the alphabet...I thought it was a fun and whimsical print to put next to the bookshelf since it has to do with typography, and well, so do books!

Using the same colors as the print above, I created the 'Every Little Thing' print with a navy, lime, and teal combination. It's a gentle reminder to take a deep breath and relax!  I think the colors and phrasing would make this a great print for a gender neutral nursery or kid's room!

I created the 'French Days of the Week' print using colors from a bedspread in the flip house, but the print ended up being the perfect splash of color in the bathroom! This print is 12x12 in size.

And finally, a new take on an old classic... "Keep Calm and Craft On" was created to hang in my office/craft room!

All of the silver frames throughout my house were from the Ribba series at Ikea!  Inexpensive and modern, can't go wrong with that!

 I have one more print to share and it is near and dear to my heart...
It's the silhouette of my beloved kitty, Cooper, who passed away on December 1st.  I still miss him dearly every day but this is a gentle reminder that he will always be with more way to honor his presence in my home!

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Little Saturday Humor...

Yay!!!  I'm on vacation!!!  I've got a week full of sewing, painting, and decorating projects as well as some high school b-ball tournament action and wedding dress shopping with the Bride!  Yesterday my students and I went on a field trip, which was a great way to end the week before vacation!

I'll be back to post lots of projects this week but for now, I'll leave you with something that made me smile all last week! This is a sign I made and showed my students as they were peer editing their essays...
They suggested I make it into t-shirts!  They crack me up...almost as much as this sign does!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WIWW Super Bowl Edition

I'm linking up to The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday! This is a bit late but still proud of The Pats regardless of the outcome!

For Super Bowl Sunday I wore my favorite vintage graphic Patriots sweatshirt that I bought at Target two years ago. The lining is so soft and cozy!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Currently in February...

I must first wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day! Or as I like to call it...

Ha ha ha!  I'm linking up to Oh Boy 4th Grade for her 'currently' series!  I've just recently discovered a whole new world of teaching blogs that, for some reason, I hadn't known about!  Reading other teacher's blogs makes me feel so inspired!  Anyway, here's what I'm feeling currently in February:

(RAK= Random Act of Kindness!)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

More Valentine Ideas

Valentine's Day is in two days and I'm here to share a few more clever and cute ideas!  If you missed my FREE PRINTABLE, you can find it in this post!

One of my favorite resources for free graphics is The Graphics Fairy.  I found a vintage fan graphic and made a cute & simple valentine by printing and gluing the graphic to pretty scrapbook paper:

The only problem is that I only noticed the typo ("valentine's day" should be possessive as it is in this sentence, although the fact that nothing is capitalized was a design choice) AFTER I had already made the card...oops!  Even teachers make mistakes! :0)

I've gathered some more fun Valentine ideas from my Pinterest on each image to go to the original source:

Have fun crafting and have a great week!

Monday, February 6, 2012

A School Valentine Printable

For Valentine's Day, I'm showing a little LOVE to my readers by offering you a free printable!  I designed a cute topper for resealable baggies with a 'school' theme to give to my students and fellow teachers.  I'll be filling the bags with Goldfish crackers as my school district, like many, has a wellness policy that frowns upon giving out candy!

To use, simply download the printable and print on standard 8 1/2" x 11" white cardstock. Then cut, fold in half, and staple to the top of sandwich or snack size resealable baggies! Oh, and don't forget to fill the bags with goodies first!

Valentines Topper Pink by Skip to My Lou for 'Made by You Monday'

ThriftyThurs Thrifty Thursday Week 61 {Early Edition}HouseofHepworths UndertheTableandDreaming

Manicure Monday

This week's nail color is Dirty Girl by Pure Ice.  

 I'm not entirely thrilled about that name but I do like the color...a soft, shimmery pink! It's an affordable drug store brand, too!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Let's Go Pats!

Woo hoo! It's Super Bowl Sunday!
I'm a New England girl born and raised so I'll be donning my Patriots gear today!  I admit, I'm not a die-hard football fan but I do like watching Pats games at home on lazy Sunday afternoons or going out with friends to watch at a local pub when I have the chance.  Today I'll be heading to a party at a friend's house and will be bringing two dishes to share:

These are delish!  I use my mom's suggestion, which is to replace the Rolos with WalMart's Great Value brand of chocolate caramel cups because they are just as good but less expensive!

I'll also be bringing an old stand by, 'pigs in a blanket'!
These are so easy to make and the perfect size for an appetizer!  Yum!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Office

It's no secret that The Office is one of my favorite shows, but this post isn't about that office, it's about this office:

This is one of two bedrooms in my home but I'm using it as an all purpose room.  It's tiny, roughly 10' x10', so I've really got make the best use of the space.  My main purpose for this room is to sew, craft, store office-type things like the printer, and use as a place to edit and store photography.  The photo above is what the room looked like upon moving in. I've been a busy bee, and, drum roll please, this is what it looks like now:

You can read about how I made the wrapping paper organizer here.  I kept the desk and chair and hung a fabric covered bulletin board above for notes, bills, and reminders.  The floating shelf above the desk area is from Ikea.

To the right of the desk area, I replaced the plastic storage drawers with Martha Stewart line white 'cubbies' from Home Depot.  The price for the shelves and for the canvas cubes, were the lowest I could find after shopping around, even lower than Wal-Mart. Very easy for me to assemble and attach to the wall all by myself!

Small office organization ideas

Along the opposite side of the room sits my giant 4'x4' work table.  In my condo, I used it as my kitchen table because the sides fold up nicely so the entire table can sit up against the wall.  However, in this room it stays open all the time because I use it to cut fabric and as a large surface for whatever project I may be working on.

Painted wall stripes Driftwood gray by Martha Stewart

The stripes were the very first thing I did in this room, even before moving in.  The painters, who were still working on the other rooms, thought I was crazy to try and paint stripes.  Little did they know, I've been reading design blogs for a long time and had gathered an arsenal of stripe-painting tips!  They turned out great!  Paint colors are Driftwood (gray) and Picket Fence (white) both by Martha Stewart for Home Depot. The black chandelier is from Ikea and the oval mirror is from Wal-Mart.

To bring the turquoise color to this side of the room, I designed the 'Keep Calm' print with that in mind.  It's a gentle reminder to stop and take a deep breath any time a project seems to be going rogue!  This space is so much more organized than it was two months ago and now allows me to keep pursuing all of those fun projects I love to create!