Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Office

It's no secret that The Office is one of my favorite shows, but this post isn't about that office, it's about this office:

This is one of two bedrooms in my home but I'm using it as an all purpose room.  It's tiny, roughly 10' x10', so I've really got make the best use of the space.  My main purpose for this room is to sew, craft, store office-type things like the printer, and use as a place to edit and store photography.  The photo above is what the room looked like upon moving in. I've been a busy bee, and, drum roll please, this is what it looks like now:

You can read about how I made the wrapping paper organizer here.  I kept the desk and chair and hung a fabric covered bulletin board above for notes, bills, and reminders.  The floating shelf above the desk area is from Ikea.

To the right of the desk area, I replaced the plastic storage drawers with Martha Stewart line white 'cubbies' from Home Depot.  The price for the shelves and for the canvas cubes, were the lowest I could find after shopping around, even lower than Wal-Mart. Very easy for me to assemble and attach to the wall all by myself!

Small office organization ideas

Along the opposite side of the room sits my giant 4'x4' work table.  In my condo, I used it as my kitchen table because the sides fold up nicely so the entire table can sit up against the wall.  However, in this room it stays open all the time because I use it to cut fabric and as a large surface for whatever project I may be working on.

Painted wall stripes Driftwood gray by Martha Stewart

The stripes were the very first thing I did in this room, even before moving in.  The painters, who were still working on the other rooms, thought I was crazy to try and paint stripes.  Little did they know, I've been reading design blogs for a long time and had gathered an arsenal of stripe-painting tips!  They turned out great!  Paint colors are Driftwood (gray) and Picket Fence (white) both by Martha Stewart for Home Depot. The black chandelier is from Ikea and the oval mirror is from Wal-Mart.

To bring the turquoise color to this side of the room, I designed the 'Keep Calm' print with that in mind.  It's a gentle reminder to stop and take a deep breath any time a project seems to be going rogue!  This space is so much more organized than it was two months ago and now allows me to keep pursuing all of those fun projects I love to create!

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