Saturday, March 31, 2012

We're Planning a Prom!

As we enter into the last trimester of school, things are starting to get a bit hectic, particularly because I am co-advisor for the Class of 2012. I've worked with these kiddos (who are now 'adults') since their freshman year, through fundraisers, homecoming and winter carnival events, and now as we approach graduation, there are lots of details to be taken care of and events to plan, the biggest of which is PROM!

After much debate, they decided this year's theme is 'rustic elegance', for lack of a better phrase. I designed a poster to hang around the school advertising ticket sales and to sort of 'set the mood' of this theme:
Prom at our high school is usually held at an event center or ballroom and includes dinner, so part of the planning includes centerpiece and decor ideas. I've been scouring Pinterest to find ideas that are pretty, easy to make, and cost-conscience as we have a limited budget.

The students like the idea of using Mason jars and filling them with votive candles, perhaps even wrapping some with twine.  I'd love to fill some jars with flowers, or even have the kids in the woodworking class at school make some simple boxes.  We could use a lace paper punch to DIY our own invitations and favors and make tissue paper pom-poms to hang from the ceiling to add some color. Here is more 'rustic elegance' eye candy (all sources can be found via Pinterest here & here):

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