Thursday, April 26, 2012


What an elaborate post title, eh?  For lack of a better description, this post is in fact about a globe.  I needed to add a little height, color, and interest to the top of the bookshelf in my reading 'nook' and thought a vintage globe would do the trick.

You can see a sneak peek of my newly navy coffee table which I'll feature in an upcoming post!  Although I like the look of the brass colored base, I decided to spray paint the metal silver to give it a more modern look. Then, on top of the shelf she went!

That corner of the living room has come a long way since I first moved in....

Wow!  The paint color looks so different in all of the images, which is true in real life, too, as the light changes throughout the day.  The color is Pussywillow by Sherwin Williams. The pops of color from the globe, the artwork that I designed, the throw pillows, and of course the books, are making this corner of the living room seem very cozy!