Monday, May 28, 2012

For the Birds

One of my goals in tackling the outside of my house is to make it 'nature friendly', so when I came across a DIY plan for a bird feeder I immediately pinned it!  One of my kind students agreed to make the feeder for me in his industrial arts class...yay!!

He built it and prepared it to be finished and I gave it a coat of gray and white spray paint that I had on hand.  The plan calls for suction cups to be secured on the back.  I found a pack of 4 for $2 at WalMart, drilled pilot holes, used Liquid Nails, then secured each suction cup with a screw.

I hung the feeder on the back of my sliding glass door.  To allow the screen door to open wide enough to pass through, I secured it all the way over to one side.

Now, to sit and wait for the birds...


  1. This is super cute! Have you had any visitors yet?