Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Owl Miss You!

It's almost time for the school year to come to an end and I'm getting sentimental!  It always seems that just as I really get to know my students, they up and leave me for the next grade!  As a high school teacher I am lucky because I will get to have some of them again in my Sociology elective or see them if they join History Club. But still...they learn how I operate and I learn how they operate and then the year is over!

I wanted to make them a little farewell present as they head into summer so I searched for 'end of the year student gifts' and came across the cutest little things...

This is a free printable that's then wrapped around mini-chocolate bars!  I have 72 students this semester so this is a cost-effective little gift. Plus, they are just soooo cute!  They are a bit 'elementary school' but I find my high-schoolers love fun treats like this, too!


  1. Oh em gee. Those are so cute! I am not motivated enough to make super cute treats so I just get the kids some doughnuts! Congrats on the end of the year!

  2. So cute!! Maybe my man will help me make these for my 300+ students (yeeesh!) since I'm making brownies for his tomorrow :]