Saturday, August 11, 2012

It's Blueberry Season in Maine

Did you you that Maine is the number one producer of low-bush blueberries in North America? Did you know that wild blueberries are the official fruit of Maine?  No?  Well now you do!  You can find low-bush blueberries growing wild all across the state.  I can remember many August days spent picking blueberries as a snack in between kickball games in my neighborhood when I was a child...they are everywhere.

My parents, who live 5 minutes away, have several large high-bush blueberry plants in their backyard that we have been waiting all summer to pick!  Right now they are FULL of ripe berries so I headed over and filled up my bucket!

Instead of making my usual blueberry jam, I decided to stretch them out longer by just eating them by the handful, topping my cereal, and making a delicious blueberry crumb cake recipe from The Pioneer Woman.

I had some help eating the cake (my cousin)...


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