Monday, October 29, 2012

Beadboard's A B!#*%

I've recently discovered that painting beadboard is one of the worst experiences one can tackle in the home improvement arena. Ideally, I would have painted it before it was installed or, better yet, I should have paid a professional painter to do the job! 

Hallway Entryway Beadboard

I did hire someone to install the beadboard and molding (EB Homeowner Services for you local people) to give my entryway a more substantial look. The bare walls looked a bit institutional and I also wanted the area to be more functional by adding hooks on either side.

Hallway makeover using beadboard

I LOVE the way it turned out but the process of painting each and every one of those little grooves was extremely tedious. I did several searches online to try and find the best way to paint (other than painting it before installation) and came up with everything from using a brush in each groove, followed by a roller, to dipping a rag in paint and working it into the grooves.

My biggest issue was putting enough paint on the brush to actually make it into the grooves but not so much to cause drips!  Only after painting did someone suggest using a foam craft brush to more easily get paint into the grooves...maybe next time!  Ha ha ha...ya right (there won't be a next time)!

The wall color is Big Chill by Sherwin Williams, a light gray that keeps the hallway light and airy. I just used a standard semi-gloss white paint on the beadboard, also from SW, to match the existing molding. The hooks were $4.77 each from Lowes. I love the square shape and brushed nickel finish...

The bench in the hallway is from Ikea and is actually intended to go with my dining set.  Its low profile, however, makes it the perfect fit for the hallway. Since this is a high-traffic area, I found an indoor/outdoor runner with a pretty trellis pattern! The gray totes were in the dollar section of Target.

Next up, hanging square silver frames w/black and white family photos on either side of the hallway!  Stay tuned!


  1. Well it looks fantastic! We have a built in coat hook/beadboard area in our back hall but it is stained dark espresso. I've wondered how hard it would be to paint it. You may have detered me. :)

  2. Hi- I'd like to do this in my hallway too. I really like the look and the height. I want to hang kids' backpacks on it. Where did you get your beadboard?

  3. Hi- I want to do this in my hallway to hang kids' backpacks. A couple of questions- where did you get your beadboard this height and did your installer have to remove the baseboards to do it? Thanks! It looks great!

    1. Hi! I purchased the beadboard in the standard 8' sheets at Home Depot and had each one cut in half into 4' pieces. My carpenter did remove the baseboards and the drywall before installing the beadboard but it is also possible to just secure it straight to the wall above the baseboards. Good luck with your project!