Sunday, January 6, 2013

30th Birthday Gift

30 Sucks!  Well, not really, but it's a clever tag line for this cute and creative 30th birthday gift! 

30th Birthday Gift Idea Bouquet

I've seen something like this all over Pinterest and I finally had a chance to make one for a recent 30th birthday party to which I was invited! I didn't follow a tutorial, just sort of 'winged it'.

Here's what I used:
-Two bags of Tootsie Pops (you could do 30 pops but there were 17 pops in each bag so I just used them all)

 -A small bucket or container...I found mine in the $1 section of Target but I also checked out my local Goodwill for flower pots and vases

-Desert Floral Foam (I purchased this for around $3 at WalMart).  Cut a piece small enough to fit inside the bucket without sticking out over the top. Then start sticking the pops into the foam in a circle around the rim, followed by filling them in randomly as you move toward the top. Once you've stuck them all in, go back and adjust their heights until it pleases your eye!

-Skewer or thin dowel...stick this, pointy side down, into the center of your bouquet.

-Scrap book paper and glue...I created a simple '30 Sucks' design in Photoshop (any word processing program will work, too) and printed onto card stock, punched with a 2 1/1" circle paper punch, then glued to a square of scrap book paper folded in half. I also used a paper punch to round the corners of the scrap book paper. Glue your sign to the skewer and your done!

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