Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Entryway Accessories

Here's an update on where my entry hallway stands in its makeover! 
You may remember my post on adding some pops of color by making pillows for the bench...or this post on framing up some family photos...or this one on installing beadboard.
I've continued to add some color with a few more accents. 
The fabric for the pillows comes from JoAnn Fabrics and the ceramic owl vase was picked up at a store in my local mall. The orange fabric bins are the Martha Stewart collection at Home Depot.  
I was so excited to find the orange and gray plaid lined organizer on a recent trip to Target! The colors are perfect and I was looking for something that would help keep my keys, change, and sunglasses organized in my 'drop zone'! The chandelier is from Ikea and the mirror is something I've had since I was a teenage (recently spray painted gray). The shelving unit is also from Target.

Oh and how cute are my new boots from LL Bean? Every Maine girl needs a pair of Bean boots to survive the long winters! They're so warm and easy to slip on over my tights when running out the door to school (then I pull a Mr. Rogers and change into my nice shoes)!


  1. Cute tray!!! I need to go check out Target. Ours is currently undergoing some remodeling as it's one of the oldest styles of Targets out there. I wish we could have a Super Target but the town it's in is basically owned by the Walmart family. Ugh!

    1. My local Target underwent a makeover last year...I like the original much better though because for some reason, this 'new' Target doesn't seem to offer as much in the women's clothing department! Boo!