Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Historical Halloween Costume

I'd say I've done a nice job with my Halloween costumes in past years, and I totally love my 'Modern-Day Snow White' costume, so I had to rack my brain for something new and clever for this year...

I decided to dress as my hero, Alice Paul, a suffragette!

-A long skirt (I purchased mine at Goodwill)

-A blouse with ruffles or 'poofy' sleeves (not really a technical term but you get the idea).  I already had the blouse on hand (bought it at WalMart a few years ago)

-Black pointed boots

-A bun! Women of the 1900s era always wore their hair up...and then the chopped it into a bob during the '20s!

 -If you've got a hat, you could add one, too!

-A 'votes for women' sash!

-I made my sash out of 1 1/2 yards of cotton fabric (I would maybe get 1.75 yards if you are taller than me...which you probably are since I'm only 5 feet tall)! 

-My finished sash was about 4 inches wide and I sewed pointed ends (instead of square ends) to make it a little more stylish. I overlapped the two ends and tacked them together with my sewing machine.

-For the letters, you will need a sheet of white felt and some fabric glue

-I printed 2 inch tall VOTES FOR WOMEN letters onto regular paper and used the letters as templates for cutting out the felt. Fabric glue was used to secure the letters.

If the sewing route seems too complicated or time consuming, the easier route would be to purchase satin ribbon instead! You could even buy pre-cut letters (although I don't think they are usually 2 inches tall) and simply stick them onto the ribbon!  

This costume may not be 'sexy' in terms of the Halloween costume options sold in store, but I can't think of anything sexier than a strong, smart woman fighting for equality! :) 

(Yes, this history teacher has lost her mind!)

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