Saturday, November 2, 2013

Dress Up Box: Post Halloween Sale Goodies

This might be the most unoriginal idea out there but consider this your reminder to hit up all of those post-Halloween sales to score some great deals on dress-up goodies! Perhaps you are thinking ahead to next Halloween, but all of those accessories can also be used to put together a 'dress up box' and given as a fun, inexpensive, birthday or Christmas gift for a little one in your life!

 As a history teacher, I also find myself using accessories in my classroom to portray various historical figures or people from different time periods! I scored that sweet top hat (which is very Lincoln-esque) at Goodwill for $1! My students have fun with it, even though they give me the 'she's lost it' look whenever I walk in with my tri-cornered hat and powdered wig! 

What about you? 
Any other fun uses for all those post-Halloween sales items?

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