Monday, December 30, 2013

A New Year & Holiday Cards

Happy (almost) New Year! Today I'm sharing the holiday cards I sent out a couple weeks ago.  I usually design my own holiday cards in Photoshop but this year I didn't have the time.  I still wanted to send out something that was personalized, however, and decided to use a card designed by Shutterfly, a site that offers a wide variety of cards and other products to choose from, most of which can be personalized with photos and fonts!

Since I don't have a hubby/kids/pets to feature on the card I decided to go through the pictures in my Instagram & Facebook accounts (Shutterfly actually allows you to easily import photos from these social media accounts directly into their card designer) and find pictures that reflect happy times from the past year! I chose a card design that would allow space for multiple photos and would fit with my 'happy memories' theme!

In case you are wondering what the pictures on the card are about, here's a recap of some of my fun memories from 2013:

-I ran my fastest 5k yet...27 minutes (and then had a stress fracture in my foot which kept me from running all!)

-I went on a SUPER fun trip to Vegas and also got to visit the Hoover Dam

-Donuts are my all time FAVORITE food and I bought the largest one possible at the Fryeburg Fair this past October

-Spent the 4th of July at Old Orchard Beach with some good friends...the beach is my 'happy place'!

-My favorite historical costume yet...a suffragette! 

The design I chose allowed for another picture to be featured on the back of the card so I put a picture of my house blanketed in snow and added a personalized message that says 'Sending lots of love from my home to yours'! There was also space on the back to write a this case it was to my grandparents who live in Quebec (my mother is from Montreal) hence the french!

I'm hoping you have a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR! I'm going to a 'stocking stuffer' New Year's Eve party where everyone going brings a stocking along with several 'stocking stuffers' to place in other people's stockings. At the end of the night, each person leaves with their stocking full of little surprises! It's quite fun! What will you be up to this New Year's Eve?

*Shutterfly offered me a discount code to use on any product of my choosing in exchange for writing about said product. All words, thoughts, and opinions, however, are entirely my own!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Candy Cane Sleigh Tutorial

Back with another gift-giving idea!  Today it's an adorable 'sleigh' made out of candy canes and chocolate!  I found the idea on this blog and decided to do a more detailed video for anyone who is all about the details (like me!).

Cand Cane Chocolate Sleigh Tutorial

What you'll need:
2 candy canes
1 Kit Kat bar
10 mini chocolate bars
40 inch piece of ribbon
Willpower (so you don't eat all the chocolate)

Here's the tutorial...enjoy!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Winter Photos

This past weekend I took some family photos for a few of my friends and while we were together I asked one of them to snap some pictures of me as well! I'm turning 33 on Friday and it has been a while since I had some decent photos taken. So, we braved the 10 degree, frigid Maine weather and headed out into my back yard...

For my outfit I wanted to wear something with pattern (the black and white plaid shirt from Old Navy) paired with a pop of color...I thought the red cardigan from GAP outlet would contrast nicely with the white snow and is quite festive for the season!

I believe the necklace was from Old Navy as well. The red belt is from Forever 21!

The black skinny jeans are actually from WalMart if you can believe it! I love the fit so much I actually purchased three colors! They were only $14 each!!!

Although one of my boots is kind of 'wonky' in the picture above so you can't really get a good look, they are faux shearling lined quilted tall boots from LL Bean. I bought them last winter because I was looking for a pair of tall, waterproof, lined boots that I could slip on when traveling between the house, the car, and school! I've been very happy with them!

I'm linking up with Lindsay at The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday!