Sunday, March 23, 2014

Goodwill Hunting

I love browsing through my local Goodwill Industries store looking for bargains! If there's one thing I've learned from thrift shopping it's that you have to have time and patience to find the good stuff amongst racks and racks of less-than-stellar items. I usually go through the racks of items twice, in case I've missed something good the first time around.

On my most recent trip, I was looking for some books to style my TV console table in an effort to help the DVD player blend in a bit. Specifically, I was looking for books in the blue/green color family and was able to find three great books that fit the bill for a total of $8!

After perusing the books and home goods sections of the store, I usually hit up the women's clothing section. I really only look for tops, dresses, and skirts and avoid the pant section since pants are really difficult to find in my length (I'm short). Again, my strategy is to slowly go through each section, usually twice, trying to find items that are in good shape and possibly some great brands, too!
 Here are some of my great clothing finds from this trip:

 Find #1: Ann Taylor Loft black lace dress for $7.99
I realllllly wanted this dress to fit but it was 4 sizes too big! I even called one of my friends asking what size she wears so I could justify purchasing this darling dress for somebody, anybody! I thought about trying to alter it at home, which I probably could have done, but alas! She didn't come home with me!

Find #2: Ann Taylor Loft Olive Green Tweed Blazer for $4.99
I love the color, look, and fit of this jacket! It's even a 'petite' size so the length of the sleeves are just right on my 'petite' frame! This definitely came home with me!

Find #3: Cotton Printed Tank from H&M for $2.50

 How cute is this little cotton tank?? I really liked the pattern and it seems to have been barely worn so at $2.50, how can you go wrong? Now we just need some warm weather & sunshine!

Find #4: Striped fold-over skirt for $4.99
This isn't a 'brand name skirt' but again, it seems to have been hardly, if ever, worn and will be perfect for lazy summer days, paired with a tank and sandals! Love the stripes, too!

Find #5: Linen Ruffle Dress from Old Navy for $4.99
OK, so the picture isn't the greatest and the dress is wrinkled, BUT, can you see how cute this summer dress is? If it wasn't too big for me, I would have definitely taken it home since it's so cute and in such great shape!

Find #6: Plaid Sheath Dress for $4.99
This print makes the dress perfect to wear to a winter holiday party or to work paired with black tights and a cardi! Unfortunately, the fit wasn't quite right on me so I didn't buy it! Bummer!

So those are my latest Goodwill finds! In total I purchased three books, a skirt, a tank, and a blazer for just under $25! Bargain hunting at it's best!

Linking up my finds with Lindsay at The Pleated Poppy!


  1. Hello, I just found your blog and was peeking around at your posts! I love your style and cannot wait to see your posts in my newsfeed :) I cannot believe you found the Young House Love book at Goodwill! I adore them and that book!

    1. Hi Stephanie! Actually, the Young House Love book I purchased on Amazon but the rest are from Goodwill! :) Happy you've found the blog! Thanks for stopping by!