Friday, April 25, 2014

Insta Friday

BIG NEWS, FOLKS: I'm on Instagram! 

It's the end of April Vacation week and I've been loving all this free time to enjoy my hobbies, some down time, and catching up with friends! Here's a glimpse of what I've been up to recently via my iPhone & Instagram pics...

Finally got around to creating a gallery wall to surround my flat screen! 
Look for a post all about it next week...

Went to a 'facial hair pageant' for men! Was suuuuuper entertaining and hilarious! 
Here I am with two of the contestants:

Enjoyed the spring sunshine and a picnic at the beach with one of my dearest friends...

Have you tried the waterlogue app? It turns your photos into water color paintings! I love having time to just play around and be creative!

I also played around with my Silhouette Portrait cutting machine to create some art...

Dinner in town with some of my oldest and dearest friends! We've known each other since the earliest days of high school, so like 18 years now! They make me laugh so much!!

And this also makes me's a show on Comedy Central where people get really, really drunk and then try and retell a famous event in history! Did I mention it's HYSTERICAL?? I binge watched the entire first season and it was amazing...this history teacher gives it 'two thumbs up' (and advocates responsible consumption of alcohol)!

Off for a shopping and lunch date! What are you up to today? 

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  1. Waterlogue is awesome! I did a post a little while ago on how it's helping me decorate our house :-)

    Drunk History sounds like a good time, I'll have to check it out!